The Davos CEO Catologue of Wicked Problems

We often get asked to give examples of the kind of wicked problems CEO face. The WEF Davos offered a nice collection this year.

How can we be agile and resilient enough to deal with whatever comes our way?

What will the financial system hit us with next?

How can we thrive in a morose economic environment that no one seems to understand and certainly no one knows where its going?

The middle class is disappearing, where will my customers come from?

How do we absorb the shocks of deep societal change (all types of “diversity”, changing values, loss of confidence in the future) in our companies?

In the middle of high joblessness we can’t find the people we need and we have trouble hanging on to those who add most value. How can we address that? certainly the governments aren’t helping.

How do I integrate the notion of sustainability into our strategy and how we operate when society can’t even agree on what that is?

Some demands from the capital markets are stupid. How do I balance those with what I know the firm needs in order to thrive?

The political infrastructure (not to speak of the physical one) is deteriorating. To what extent and how can/should companies fill in?

How do I balance what I know is right (for the environment, society, my firm) with what some of my stakeholders want now (revenue, clean operations, gender equality, etc)


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