“No one wants to spend the time to understand anything”

This is a recent quote from one of our CEO friends. How often to we see executives thrashing about instead of thoughtfully picking their way (and that of the firm) through the morass of wicked problems firms operate in today.

The high art of leadership consists (among other things) in knowing, sensing, almost smelling the right moment to move a group from thoughtful reflection to decisive action. When is our understanding good enough (it’ll never be perfect) to be able to move? when is a decision needed, if only to alleviate the anxiety that can so easily take over as people understand how wicked a problem really is? When does the leader best move from pulling his people into understanding the problem to pushing them out to address it.

Not only is this skill critical for the firm’s ability to thrive. There is little that will get your more respect and confidence from your people as a CEO. And there is little that will keep the power machinations in the C-suite in check as effectively as this skill. 


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